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Meet The Black Country Barbell Team

Jake James

I'm a strength and conditioning coach specialising in building functional athletes who perform as well as they look.


My philosophy is that building resilience and keeping injuries at bay are at the forefront of any well designed programme. Perfect for whether you want to become stronger, more athletic or just have confidence in your training.

I've has worked with athletes from over 20 different sports as well as some of the top promotions and athletes in mixed martial arts.


I've spent my career learning from some of the worlds best coaches and continue to grow my knowledge and networks with industry leaders.

Kiri Mills

Hi! My name is Kiri and I’m a REPs Level 2 Fitness Instructor specialising in mobility, stretching and flexibility.

Stretching and flexibility training is often recommended after exercise. It can help reduce muscle soreness, cramps and risk of injury, as well as improve overall athletic performance and range of motion for day-to-day quality of life

I offer one to ones and group based sessions for all levels of fitness and goals, with the full list of available on the “One to One” section on my website: www.stretchandflex.uk

I’m currently training in Level 3 Mat-based Pilates, and will be available for one to ones on this very soon!

I spend the majority of my afternoons and evenings in Black Country Barbell, so pop in and say hi or alternatively just email me with any questions or to book a session!

Alex Parkinson

I’m a Crossfit Coach and Personal Trainer who specialises in helping people move well, look and feel great. 


I believe that in achieving good movement, we maximise potential to excel in life. It allows us to bring intensity to our sessions and move the needle from wellness, to fitness. 


I don’t want you to just look great for your holiday, I want you to look great for life. I want you to feel confident wherever you are. Confident you can walk into the gym, confident that you can pick up that weight, confident to ask for that date, confident to ask for that promotion. That starts with the work we will put in together.

Connor Oates

I’m an Olympic Weightlifting coach specialising in creating strong foundations to progress athletes to their next level.

I pride myself in individualised training plans to get the highest level of potential out of each individual athlete. This is most ideal for those who are looking to get into Olympic Lifting, have areas of weakness they are looking to improve upon, or even those who are looking for just more structure to their daily lifestyle.

I have worked in the fitness industry for several years, working as a personal trainer in various commercial gyms. This has given me a great skill set where I have worked with numerous people to help them achieve their personal goals.

Tom Bowen

I’ve been working as a professional coach for  6 years and within that time I’ve trained people out of commercial gyms, home gyms and parks all the way through to semi professional athletes whose livelihoods rely on their performance. Over this time I’ve realised one thing - the mindset doesn’t change depending on your goal, you get what you’re willing to work for.

For every goal, a strong baseline over the core lifts is essential and I make it a solid focus of mine to develop my client's technique and confidence in these lifts so that they can push their own limitations beyond what they thought they were capable of.


Additionally, I like to work with my clients as much as possible to create plans that they would be able to complete on their own, outside of our sessions and still achieve the results they desire. 

If you’re considering the option of having a trainer, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. I offer plans to suit all budgets and fitness levels as well as your first session being completely free.

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