Okay, I admit it… I Miss You!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

By coach Alex Parkinson

So it’s been 4 days since we had to close our doors to aid in the fight against Coronavirus. And whilst the gym itself has been empty, we have been busy at work. We want to make sure that we give you guys plenty to do and think about during this period whilst you can’t come to the gym.

The first thing we would like to say is a huge THANK YOU! We are so grateful for the support we have received since the announcement on Friday. Considering we operate an open gym format (as opposed to class based), we think our community is the strongest (literally and figuratively). It is our privilege to be able to host you bunch of hardworking, humble and hilarious individuals. We were so happy to be able to lend some of our kit to you so you can keep up your training and working towards your goals during this period.

So that being said. During this time, there is plenty of opportunity for you to be addressing other things that will positively affect your lifestyle, training and therefore- your goals.

  1. The Big One… Nutrition. You know that cookbook that you got given for Christmas 2016? Yeah? Use it! If you are one of those people that always struggle with knowing what to eat or how to cook delicious, wholesome food, you now have a fantastic opportunity to dust your apron off and learn. It is also a really great opportunity to prepare fresh food, rather than relying on meal prep. If you have a family or partner, get them involved too and make it FUN! AIn’t nothing better than getting messy in the kitchen.

  2. HAVE A CLEAR OUT! We have all seen that show ‘Hoarder’s’ and I think we can all be guilty of holding onto things that we do not use and probably never will. So set aside some time to go through your place and GET RID. Do a deep clean on your kitchen and bedroom in particular. Check out a book called ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown for inspiration on living a leaner life.

  3. Speaking of books, get reading. Enrich your mind with some non-fiction that will positively change your training when the gym is reopen. if non-fiction isn’t your thing, then find some escapism in a fiction book. If you struggle with reading check out audible.com. For £8 a month you can have some of the most amazing books narrated for you. This is a great way to take on books if you do a lot of driving.

  4. Have an honest look at your finances. This is a tough one. Most of us do not like to look at exactly where we are spending our money, but the truth is, what is measured is managed. Set aside a full day to go through bank statements, accounts and then have a genuine think about your financial goals to see what you can do to achieve them. SIDE NOTE; one of Coach Alex Parkinson’s favourite things to do, is too run thought experiments where you ask yourself seemingly ridiculous questions like; ‘How can I achieve my 5 year financial goals, in the next 6 months? It might not lead to you achieving them in the next 6 months, but it may lead you to finding answers to achieving them in 2 years rather than 5.

  5. Get creative. As we grow older, a lot of us lose our childlike curiosity. Now is probably the best opportunity you will ever have between now and retirement to explore creativity again. Did you used to play in a band? Are you constantly doodling? Did you have dreams of being an actor when you grew up? Now is the perfect time to pick up that guitar, paintbrush, script and remember what it was like to be genuinely curious about life. To remember what it was like before we all take on responsibilities.

I hope that gives you guys some ideas to be getting on with. Whatever you end up doing, we would love to hear about it. Tag us in what you are up to and let’s inspire each other to keep growing during this time!

With love, Team BCB


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